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Bag O' Bits

Bag O' Bits

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If you find yourself running out of rope just before the end of a tie then this kit is for you. 

We all know the frustration when you run out of rope just before you finish a harness. We've created a rope kit to help you solve this problem: an assortment of short ropes (sometimes affectionately referred to as "noodles") for finishing ties. These are also useful for hair-ties, or even bedroom bondage. We have included a small red cotton bag.

This kit inlcudes:

  • 7 assorted lengths of treated jute rope (all under 7.5m)
  • Single-ply jute rope
  • 6mm diameter
  • Total combined length of the 7 ropes is approximately 15m
  • Red cotton drawstring bag, 20 cm x 24 cm

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    Absolutely incredible!! Highest quality!!!!

    Alan Ketteringham
    Loveliness o' bits

    Thankyou! My first time buying from you, very pleased with the product and thoughtfully packaged up! Thankyou all so much (:


    Great for finishing up ties when you need just a little extra rope. Also extremely handy for just practicing simple knots while out and about, anyone can fit a 3ft/1m piece in a bag or pocket to practice twisting "boy scout" knots.

    Lou Hunter
    Exactly what was needed

    Definitely worth the buy! It had a great range of lengths included and is exactly what you need if you need to finish a pattern and a 7.5 is just too much. I especially love that there's some really small lengths for when you just need a couple of extra inches of rope, or if you need a small bit to get arms out of the way when you're in the air.

    Kieran Annan

    Really handy and is fits perfectly in the knot bag