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Bag O' Bits

Bag O' Bits

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If you find yourself running out of rope just before the end of a tie then this kit is for you. 

We all know the frustration when you run out of rope just before you finish a harness. We've created a rope kit to help you solve this problem: an assortment of short ropes (sometimes affectionately referred to as "noodles") for finishing ties. These are also useful for hair-ties, or even bedroom bondage. We have included a small red cotton bag.

This kit includes:
  • 7 to 10 assorted lengths of treated jute rope (between 1 meter and 5meters long)
  • Single-ply jute rope, 6mm diameter.
  • The total combined length of the 7 ropes is approximately 15meters (this is an approximation only).
  • They come in a red cotton drawstring bag, 20 cm x 24 cm.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Really useful and it’s made me want to order a whole new set of treated rope…


Absolutely incredible!! Highest quality!!!!

Alan Ketteringham
Loveliness o' bits

Thankyou! My first time buying from you, very pleased with the product and thoughtfully packaged up! Thankyou all so much (:


Great for finishing up ties when you need just a little extra rope. Also extremely handy for just practicing simple knots while out and about, anyone can fit a 3ft/1m piece in a bag or pocket to practice twisting "boy scout" knots.

Lou Hunter
Exactly what was needed

Definitely worth the buy! It had a great range of lengths included and is exactly what you need if you need to finish a pattern and a 7.5 is just too much. I especially love that there's some really small lengths for when you just need a couple of extra inches of rope, or if you need a small bit to get arms out of the way when you're in the air.