Rope Goo (treatment paste for shibari)

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Anatomie Studio's classic rope conditioning paste is a blend of cold-pressed camellia oil and beeswax in a handy screw-lid tin. Available unscented or with a faint lemongrass scent.

Many people like to treat their jute rope with camellia oil (also known as tsubaki oil) and beeswax. The simplest way to do this is to melt these together to form a convenient to use paste for easy (and even) application. You can apply the paste using your hands, as our ingredients are all cosmetic grade, or using one of our microfibre cloths.

Our rope goo helps prevent shedding of jute fibres, so your ropes can last longer and handle better. Dyed jute particularly benefits from our rope goo as the wax helps keep oils in the rope.

Our rope goo contains:

  • 100% pure cold-pressed camellia oil
  • Pure beeswax
  • Option of unscented or scented (lemongrass)